Hurst and Company, New York 1883-1919

Hurst published the Rollo Series in a number of its series.

The first Hurst copies of Rollo were done in approximately 1883. The details are unknown.

The Cambridge Classics was a multivolume publisher's long running series that was characterized by a new cover every year or two. The series was started in 1896 and was published as late as 1906.

The Pearl Library published all the Rollo books in 1900. All ten Rollo books were part of the Gilt Top Library Books publisher's series in the early 1900's.

Beginning in 1906 Hurst published the Boys' Own Library. These small books were seen with many different covers and dust jackets. Some examples are shown below.

The Famous Rollo Books were published in 1913.

The Young America Library/ Books for Boys were published for a number of years starting in 1906. These books had multiple cover illustrations and numerous dust jackets also.

Other Hurst Rollo's have been seen but as of yet cannot be assigned to a series although they most certainly belonged to one. See below.

Epworth Library 1897

Cambridge Classics 1897

Cambridge Classics 1897

Cambridge Classics 1898

Cambridge Classics 1899

Cambridge Dust Jacket 1900

Cambridge Classics 1900

Cambridge Classics 1901

Cambridge Classics 1903

Cambridge Classics 1904

Pearl Library 1900

Boys' Own Library 1906 and later

Famous Rollo Books 1913

Laurelhurst Series 1908

Young America Library/Books for Boys 1906 or later

Unknown Hurst Series