Parrish, Dunning & Mears, Philadelphia (1850-1853)

This Philadelphia firm published its fourteen volume Rollo Series in two formats. The first was identical to the 1845/1850 cloth Hogan and Thompson publications. Thus this would indicate that this is the earlier of the two Parrish books and that this publisher succeeded Hogan and Thompson in publishing the Rollo books. The book is an 18 mo- 6 x 4.

The later Parrish book is a red blindstamped book (6.25 x 4.25) with gold gilt lettering on the spine.

The exact dates of publication of these Parrish reprints is unclear but is presumed to be between 1850 and 1853.

Earlier edition

This later Parrish edition has the publisher Willis Hazard lettered in gold gilt at the bottom the spine. There is no evidence that Hazard, a Philadelphia publisher, printed any Rollo books. Thus, most likely Hazard bound this edition of the Rollo books for Parrish, Dunning and Mears.