T. H. Carter 1837-1842

Carter published three Rollo first editions on its own imprint. These books are 18 mo.

3. Rollo at Work (copyright 1837- imprint on first edition 1838)
4. Rollo at Play (copyright 1837- imprint on first edition 1838)
5. Rollo at School (Copyright 1838-imprint on first edition 1839)

First edition of Rollo at Play

First edition of Rollo at School

Carter held the 1838 copyright of #6. Rollo's Vacation which was first published by William Crosby and Company.

By 1840 the first ten Rollo books had been published. Carter already had the copyrights for its Rollo first editions (Books #3-5). It subsequently held the copyrights of books #6-10 published first by William Crosby and Company and Weeks and Jordan and Company in 1839 and 1840.

The copyrights for books #7-10 were dated 1839

Apparently T. Harrington Carter talked Abbott into writing the four Rollo Philosophy books which were published in 1842 and 1843. Hogan and Thompson published the first editions of the four volumes (#11-14 in the series). Carter had the copyrights however.

11. Rollo Philosophy-Water Copyright in 1841 by T.H. Carter
12. Rollo Philiosophy-Air Copyright in 1841 by Carter
13. Rollo Philosophy-Fire Copyright in 1842 by Carter
14. Rollo Philosophy- Water Copyright in 1842 by Carter