Superior Printing Company, Akron 1914

This publisher incorporated in January, 1914 succeeding the New Werner Company. Two different formats of the Abbott biographies have been seen.

The earlier one has the same format as the New Werner "Makers of History Series". As with many of these reprint series four volumes of the twenty book series were written by John S. C. Abbott (see below). The other sixteen were written by Jacob Abbott.

Makers of History
The set:

I. Romulus
II. Alfred the Great
III. Cyrus the Great
IV. Darius the Great
V. Xerxes
VI. Alexander the Great
VII. Pyrrhus
VIII. Cleopatra
IX. Hannibal
X. Julius Caesar
XI. Nero
XII. William the Conqueror
XIII. Genghis Khan
XIV. Henry IV- John S. C. Abbott
XV. Hernando Cortez- John S. C. Abbott
XVI. Queen Elizabeth
XVII. Mary Queen of Scots
XVIII. Peter the Great
XIX. Marie Antoinette- John S. C. Abbott
XX. Josephine-John S. C. Abbott

The second (later) Superior Printing Company series that included Abbott books was called the Superior Library. More details about this series are unknown.