John D. Morris, Philadelphia 1904

This firm published the Makers of History as a 32 volume set in 1904. Apparently Morris bought Harper's plates at that time. The set was sold for $23.00. The books are 6.75 x 4.75. Of note is the embossed "Harper" on the base of the spine.

The book titles are not numbered in this series.

As with many of the publisher's sets, the author of a number of the books is incorrectly listed. The books below show the correct authors.

Makers of History

These books were authored by Jacob Abbott
Charles the First
Charles the Second
Julius Caesar
King Alfred
Cyrus the Great
Darius the Great
Xerxes the Great
Alexander the Great
Hannibal the Carthaginian
William the Conqueror
Genghis Khan
Queen Elizabeth
Mary Queen of Scots
Peter the Great
King Richard the First
King Richard the Second
King Richard the Third
Margaret of Anjou

These ten books were written by John S. C. Abbott.
Henry IV of France
Hernando Cortez
Joseph Bonaparte
King Philip
Louis XIV
Louis Phillippe
Madame Roland
Marie Antoinette