Harper and Brothers, New York, 1848-1904

Format 1 1848-1877

The Abbott Illustrated Histories were first introduced in 1848 with three books. Little by little titles were added such that by 1861 there had been 22 Jacob Abbott Illustrated Histories published. John S. C. Abbott also wrote a number of biographies that were variably included in the various sets. The books he authored are also shown below. His output included ten books authored between 1849 and 1872.

There are three formats -muslin, muslin with gold edges and sheep (in the mid-late 1850's only). Most of these books had two title pages. One is quite plain but the other is a book appropriate illuminated pictorial page.

Dating the early books:
1.1848-early 1852 list the 82 Cliff Street address on the title page.
2. 1848 first edition of Mary Queen of Scots has the 1848 date on the title page.
3. Most 1849-1852 books nave no title page date. Mostly only whether the book is a first format (Cliff Street address) can be determined
4. First editions from 1852 as well as all other later books from this series have the date on the title page.

The covers are basically the same between 1848 and 1877.

(1854 Variant cover)

Examples of Illuminated title pages:

In 1848 the first three books in this series were published.

1. Charles the First-1848
2. Mary, Queen of Scots-1848
3. Alexander the Great-1848

John S. C. Abbott's Kings and Queens was initially part of the series but by 1849 it was not in the series.

First edition of Mary Queen of Scots has the 1848 date at the base of the title page.

All of the Abbott histories between 1848 and 1851 (and some in 1852 have the 82 Cliff Street Address).

In 1849 six Jacob Abbott authored books were added to the list:

4. Julius Caesar-1849
5. Hannibal the Carthaginian-1849
6. William the Conqueror-1849
7. Charles the Second-1849
8. Elizabeth, Queen of England-1849
9. King Alfred of England -1849

Also one John S. C. Abbott book was added to the list.
History of Maria (Marie) Antoinette -John S. C. Abbott-1849

Thus in 1849 the series consisted of 10 books. The ten Jacob Abbott books and the one by John S. C. Abbott.

Richard III of England is noted in the 1849 ads but actually was not published until 1858. It was a transient phantom title.

By 1850 the series was called "Abbott's Histories".

New books in 1850 included:
10. Xerxes the Great-1850
11. Cyrus the Great-1850
12. Darius the Great-1850

1850-History of Madame Roland -John S. C. Abbott

13. Cleopatra

1851-History of Josephine - John S. C. Abbott

14. Romulus
The first edition of Romulus has 1852 as the title page date.

15. Nero
16. Pyrrhus

In 1853 the series was called Abbott's Illustrated Histories. At that time the set consisted of 19 books. Sixteen authored by Jacob Abbott and three penned by John S. C. Abbott.

The books came in muslin at 60 cents each and muslin with gold gilt edges at 75 cents.

By 1854 the books of this series all had title page dates. Here are a couple of examples.

Several years passed unit the next book was published.

John S. C. Abbott's Hernando Cortez was published by Harper and Brothers in 1856.
With the inclusion of the Cortez book there were 20 volumes in the series. There were were three formats-
a. 16 mo. muslin for 60 cents.
b. Muslin with gilt edges for 75 cents.
c. Library sheep for 75 cents.

The 21st book in the set was History of Henry IV by John S. C. Abbott.

17. History of King Richard the First of England

History of King Philip- John S. C. Abbott

18. History of King Richard the Second

19. History of King Richard the Third
20. Peter the Great

In 1859 Abbott's Illustrated Histories had a list of 25 books.
This list included all of the Jacob and John S. C. Abbott Illustrated Histories published up to this date excluding Peter the Great.

By 1860 the "Illustrated Histories" consisted of 23 volumes. The books were 60 cents each but could be purchased in a case for $13.80. In 1861 the set contained 27 volumes.

The new 1861 books are shown with an 1861 after the title.

The series was advertised both as one long book list as well as a divided list with three different groupings. In the long list Christopher Columbus was deleted and Peter the Great was added.

Ancient Series
Cyrus the Great
Darius the Great
Alexander the Great
Julius Caesar

General Series
Hernando Cortez
Christopher Columbus ***
Maria Antoinette
Madame Roland
Henry the Fourth
King Philip
Genghis Khan 1861
Josephine 1861
***This book was only included in this section in 1860 and 1861.

21. Genghis Khan (Noted as the 24th volume in Harper ad)

22. Margaret of Anjou

After 1862 the only new books added to the list such that it reached its peak at 32 book were those written by John S. C. Abbott

1867-1869 catalogues indicate a 28 title list for this series. The books were only available in the muslin format. Margaret of Anjou, an 1862 book and Peter the Great were added and Christopher Columbus was deleted from the list

In 1871 three John S. C. Abbott books were added to the list to make a total of 31 volumes at a new price of $1.20 each.
-Joseph Bonaparte
-Queen Hortense
-Louis XIV

In 1872 John S. C. Abbott's Louis Phillippe was added as the 32nd and last book in the series.

The Long List (with dates of late additions)
** Written by John S. C. Abbott
Julius Caesar
Hernando Cortez**
William the Conqueror
Richard I
Richard II-1861
Richard III- 1861
Mary Queen of Scots
Queen Elizabeth
Charles I
Charles II
Maria Antoinette**
Madame Roland**
Henry IV**
King Philip**
Peter the Great
Genghis Khan- 1861
Margaret of Anjou-1862
Joseph Bonaparte-1871**
Queen Hortense-1871**
Louis XIV-1871**
Louis Phillippe-1872**

Format 2
The 32 book series was published in a new format beginning in 1878-99 (See below). The volumes were divided into six different smaller series. The books of each series were sold individually at $1.00 each or as a boxed set. The total series was still named: Abbott's Illustrated Histories.

1. Founders of Empires

Genghis Khan
Peter the Great

2. Heroes of Roman History

Julius Caesar

3. Earlier British Kings and Queens

William the Conqueror
Richard I
Richard II
Margaret of Anjou

4. Later British Kings and Queens

Richard III
Mary Queen of Scots
Charles I
Charles II

5. Queens and Heroines

Maria Antoinette
Madame Roland

6. Rulers of Later Times

King Philip
Hernando Cortez
Henry IV
Louis XIV
Joseph Bonaparte
Louis Phillippe

In 1880 two combination books were published. Each book, called the Chautauqua Edition, contained two biographies. These biographies were revised by Lyman Abbott. (6.75 x 4.5)
1. Cyrus and Alexander
2. William and Elizabeth



In 1900 Harper and Brothers changed the name of the 32 book series from Illustrated Histories to Makers of History.