A. L. Burt Company, New York

A. L. Burt Company published eighteen of Abbott's biographies during the first few years of the 19th century. They appeared in a series of biographies-The Franklin Series of Biography. In addition the books were published within the Cornell Series. The latter series was a multi volume, multi author group of unrelated reprints by various 19th century authors.

A. L. Burt incorporated in 1902. Thus distinguishing the pre-1902 books from the post-1902 books is relatively easy. Pre-1902 books have no "Company on the title page as opposed to the post-1902 books.

Franklin Series of Biography (1900-1903)
This series was published between 1900 and 1903. It consisted of up to 33 biographies with many written by Jacob Abbott. They originally came with dust jackets.

Although these Burt books all list Jacob Abbott as the author, some were written by his brother John S. C. Abbott. The John S. C. Abbott penned books are:
Hernando Cortez
Marie Antoinette
Madame Roland

The 18 Abbott books in this series are shown below:
Life of Alexander the Great
Life of Alfred the Great
Life of Julius Caesar
Life of Charles the First, King of England
Life of Charles the Second, King of England
Life of Hernando Cortez
Life of Cyrus the Great
Life of Darius the Great
Life of Elizabeth, Queen of England
Life of Hannibal, the Carthaginian
Life of Josephine, Empress of France
Life of Marie Antoinette
Life of Mary, Queen of Scots
Life of Pyrrhus
Life of Madame Roland
Life of Romulus, Founder of Rome
Life of William the Conqueror
Life of Xerxes

Cornell Series- 1904
The following eighteen Abbott biographies were published beginning in 1904 in this series. The John S. C. Abbott authored books are designated below.

Alexander the Great
Alfred the Great
Julius Caesar
Charles the First, King of England
Charles the Second, King of England
Hernando Cortez-John S. C. Abbott
Cyrus the Great
Darius the Great
Elizabeth, Queen of England
Hannibal, the Carthaginian
Josephine, Empress of France- John S. C. Abbott
Marie Antoinette- John S. C. Abbott
Mary, Queen of Scots
Madame Roland- John S. C. Abbott
Romulus, Founder of Rome
William the Conqueror