Brunswick Subscription Company, New York 1916-1919

This firm published two sets of Abbott biographies. A 20 volume series, Famous Characters of History, was published in 1916-1917. The set was also noted to be the "Immortal Edition". The books are cloth with gold top edges and are 8 x 5.25.

These volumes were available by mail for the low introductory price of $13.00 or for "small" monthly payments of $1.00.

All of the books below were written by Jacob Abbott except for #'s - 6, 8, 14 and 17 which were written by his brother John S. C. Abbott.

A second set published in 1919 was called the "Famous Men and Women of History Series". These books are 7.5 x 5.25. The exact list of titles is unknown but it is assumed to be the same as the first set.

1. Alexander the Great
2. William the Conqueror
3, Cyrus the Great
4. Hannibal
5. Peter the Great
6. Marie Antoinette- John S. C. Abbott
7. Mary Queen of Scots
8. Henry IV- John S. C. Abbott
9 . Xerxes
10. Julius Caesar
11. Nero
12. Cleopatra
13. Darius the Great
14. Josephine- John S. C. Abbott
15. Queen Elizabeth
16. Alfred the Great
17. Hernando Cortez
18. Pyrrhus
19. Romulus
20. Genghis Khan