W. L. Allison Company, New York ca. 1898

Allison published its Abbott's Biographical Series in the late 1890's. This series included 18 books written by both Jacob Abbott and his brother John S. C. Abbott. The books are not numbered. They are 7 x 5.

Abbott's Historical Series

Except for as noted below, all the books were written by Jacob Abbott.

1. Julius Caesar
2. William the Conqueror
3. Alexander the Great
4. Cyrus the Great
5. Marie Antoinette- John S. C. Abbott
6. Romulus
7. Mary, Queen of Scots
8. Josephine- John S. C. Abbott
9. Pyrrhus
10. King Charles I
11. King Charles II
12. Hernando Cortez- John S. C. Abbott
13. Elizabeth
14. Darius
15. Hannibal
16. Xerxes
17. Alfred the Great
18. Madame Roland - John S. C. Abbott